Srikanth Rajagopalan

A Billion Accounts are now on AA. Now what?

Thanks to a concerted effort across the Finance Ministry, RBI, and banks, all major PSU and private sector banks ar ........

Aug 08, 22 < 1 minute read

Srikanth Rajagopalan

Anumati – India’s Fastest Growing Account Aggregator Network

Already has the largest number of banks on its platform, PSU banks joining steadily  With the launch of the Accoun ........

Jul 20, 22 2 minute read

Srikanth Rajagopalan

Introduction to Anumati – Your Account Aggregator Licensed By RBI

Anumati by Perfios AA is an RBI licensed Account Aggregator that helps you track, aggregate your data held with var ........

Jul 15, 22 3 minute read

Srikanth Rajagopalan

What are my rights?

First, let’s understand the concept of “ownership” and “sharing” a little better. Let’s start by classi ........

Jul 10, 22 2 minute read

Srikanth Rajagopalan

Whose data is it anyway?

We Indians spend a lot of time on our smartphones. A study in 2021 revealed that an average Indian spends almost 5 ........

Jul 05, 22 3 minute read

Aiyappa KC

Top 5 things you didn’t know were integral to the personal data privacy bill

On August 24, 2017, the Supreme Court of India declared privacy to be a fundamental right. A nine-judge bench in Ju ........

Jun 27, 22 3 minute read

Aiyappa KC

10 things you should do to avoid data privacy violations

Finally, you’ve found that phone you always wanted. It looks tempting, but you haven’t heard of the website bef ........

Jun 20, 22 4 minute read

Sabyasachi Goswami

Getting the best out of account aggregation

  As we wrote earlier, Account Aggregation is poised to become the UPI of data by providing a scalable,  in ........

Jun 22, 21 5 minute read

Srikanth Rajagopalan

The UPI of data is coming. Are you ready?

  Everything you need to know about RBI’s Account Aggregator framework  The Account Aggregator (AA) ecosyst ........

Jun 22, 21 6 minute read

Srikanth Rajagopalan

Account aggregators in India — an introduction

THE PROBLEM  Most new borrowers have no credit history or collateral to offer. Lenders need to assess alternate da ........

Jun 16, 21 4 minute read