Account Aggregator (AA) is an entity that is an authorized consent manager to share user data between Financial Information Providers and Financial Information users, upon request only. AAs are data fiduciaries that only fetch, consolidate, aggregate data from Financial Information Providers (FIPs), and basis explicit customer, consent present these data to Financial Information Users (FIUs).


Download Anumati app or visit and register by providing your mobile number. You will be sent an OTP for authentication and allowed to create a PIN. After authentication, you can link your bank accounts which can be used later to provide consent to Financial Information User (FIU) to access data from Financial Information Provider (FIP), typically your bank, but can also be GST, Mutual fund houses, etc.


Anumati by Perfios -AA is a RBI licensed NBFC. We at Anumati, care about your data and we are committed to protecting its privacy. We comply with privacy laws including, but not limited to, data protection laws as proposed in the Personal Data Protection Bill 2019 -PDP Bill 2019, RBI Master Circular – ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) Guidelines – RBI/2015-16/108, Master Direction – Non-Banking Finance Company – Account Aggregator(Reserve Bank) Directions, 2016. We have implemented various checks and controls to ensure your data is safe. Our systems are tested, audited and certified by reputed external auditors and we comply with all security standards to ensure you can be rest assured about the safety of your data. We use latest technologies to encrypt your data both in transit and the data that is stored within our systems. The data exchange between the FIP/FIU throgh AA uses the best in the industry for security and encryption. You can see our privacy policy here.


  • Consent is a digitally signed artefact collected by Account Aggregator from a User (account holder) for the purpose of using it to request financial information from a FIP.
  • Consent can be queried, paused, revoked by the User anytime.
  • Consent is generated and valid for only linked accounts.
  • AA acts as consent collector and consent manager, FIP maintains the most recent status of Consent and verifies it before servicing FI requests.
  • A Consent is always associated with a recorded Purpose

Data Fetch

Yes, your Anumati app has a section where you can see all the details of your consent, changes to your consent, data fetch initiated by your FIUs, data provided by your FIPs, etc. You can see a trail of all the activities of your account on your Account Aggregator app. If you have any more queries, please write back to us.


Finacial Information User or FIU is the authorised entity which is requesting for data information in order to deliver a service to you. For example your bank from which you intend to take a loan.


Financial Information Provider or FIP is the authorised entity providing data information to a FIU from which you have requested a service. For example, a bank where you hold an account and it’s information is requested by a lender to provide you with a loan.