Anumati is free for customers. Customers do not pay to access their own data, manage consent, and use other services offered by Anumati.   Perfios-AA will charge the FIU to fetch data on a per-transaction basis    
  • Pricing for statement requests depends on statement period ranging from Rs.5/-* to Rs.25/-* per fetch
  • Pricing for fetching profile and summary data will be charged at Re.1/-* per fetch.

      Notes:   1.* Pricing is indicative only, please connect with us for detailed pricing. 2. These rates are applicable for the currently available FI types, which are: Current account, Savings accounts, Term deposits and Recurring deposits. 3. Pricing for any additional FI types as and when enabled by FIPs will be communicated separately 4. Pricing for any additional FIP categories as and when permitted by RBI or other regulators will be communicated separately 5. The above pricing excludes charges (if any) levied by FIPs. Any charges levied by the FIPs for supplying data to Perfios AA will be charged on actuals.